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Are you looking to prevent a repossession? We have helped many clients avoid bad credit by purchasing their vehicle; a quick, simple and effective service.

Repossessions are an unfortunate and personally damaging event. Those unable to pay their car loan are faced with the prospect of bad credit; something that can affect their ability to take out new loans in the future.  
Vegas Cash for Cars has the solution, though. By taking your vehicle and paying off the existing loan, we help you avoid bad credit. It’s a risk-free solution that sees your debt disappear overnight; a solution that prevents your repossession once and for all.  
If you’d like to learn more about how Vegas Cash for Cars can prevent your repossession, or if you have any questions about your specific case, contact a member of our team today. No matter how late the inquiry, we can process your request in a matter of hours.  

How can we help?

Vegas Cash for Cars prides itself on excellent customer service. Our commitment is clear – to maintain you existing credit status by removing the risk of bad credit.  
  • We can process your request in a matter of hours
  • By taking your vehicle, we can pay off your existing loan
  • Simple, hassle-free and professional service throughout
  • There are no hidden costs, fees or charges
  No matter how late your request, we can process your application in a matter of hours; paying off the existing loan and eliminating the risk of bad credit.  
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Our service is simple. First, you submit an application to us – detailing the circumstances of your car and its loan. Then, on approval, we collect your vehicle at a time and place of your choosing and pay off the existing loan. It’s that simple.
Your application can be processed within hours. Once approved, we can take your vehicle on the same day you applied, or at least within 24 hours depending on when you’ve applied. Our service is quick and efficient, serving to eliminate the risk from your loan as quick as possible.
There are no hidden costs, fees or charges. Our service is transparent. We take your vehicle from you and pay off your existing loan. There are no complicating factors.
Some buyers need a more affordable car, even after their existing car loan has been paid. Vegas Cash for Cars has an affordable range of quality used cars on display. Check out our used cars for sale here.

Still have any doubt? Take a look at our FAQ:


For work-related reasons, I found it challenging to pay off my existing car loan. I hadn’t known that I could pay off the loan by transferring my vehicle to a dealership. Vegas Cash for Cars helped me through the entire process. Very thankful for their prompt service.


The great thing about Vegas Cash for Cars was how professional they were. I was never left uncertain about how long the process would take, nor how long it would take to collect my vehicle. The service was great from start to finish. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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