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interesting facts about cars

As the leading Las Vegas cash for cars operator, we’ve come across many interesting facts about cars in our time. Here, we go through seventeen such facts; a diverse collection that’ll make you think laterally about this everyday vehicle.

  1. Cars were once considered a “green” form of transport. After all, cars were embryonic at a time when travel by horse was quite common; horses being associated with their inevitable daily source of fecal contamination.
  2. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving. However, contrary to popular opinion, this prohibition is not entirely enforced in rural areas where women are monitored less.
  3. Some countries – such as Russia, Belarus and Romania – have laws forbidding the driving of dirty cars. Motorists have been stopped for driving vehicles deemed unsuitably dirty by the police force, though, as with the Saudi law, it isn’t strictly and entirely enforced.
  4. Thought about travelling to the moon? If so, it might take a while – particularly with a car. Estimates show that it would take six months to arrive at the moon, providing that you drive at 60 miles per hour, every hour of every day.
  5. If you’ve entered a new car anytime recently, you’ll have picked up a distinct smell. Studies show that this smell is composed of well over 50 organic chemicals, though none of these chemicals are known to be toxic.
  6. The world’s first car accident was claimed by the state of Ohio, for a collision that occurred in 1891. During that year, James Lambert was driving a gasoline-powered vehicle when he lost control and crashed into a tree. However, he only received minor injuries.
  7. The longest traffic jam occurred in China in 2010. Quite astonishingly, the jam reached a length of 62 miles and only cleared 12 days later. Local shops along the route even inflated their prices to make the most of the plight of drivers and passengers.
  8. The smallest car in the world was a vehicle called the Peel P50, a three-wheeled car manufactured from the UK’s Isle of Man between 1962 and 1965. It was a 1-door coupe that measured 54 inches (1,372mm) long and 39 inches (991mm) wide.

If you can think of any other interesting facts about cars, drop them into the comments section below. If, though, you’d like to learn more about our cash for cars service in Las Vegas, check out this page for more information.

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