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what is fuel efficiency

Not everyone is clued into automotive terminology. Many people just want a working, functional vehicle; a vehicle that does exactly what it says on the bonnet. But there are times when learning about technicalities, such as fuel-efficiency, can prove invaluable.

And that’s the question we explore in today’s blog – what is fuel-efficiency and why is it important? The answer to this question will, or at least should, inform your decision when buying a new or used vehicle. In fact, it can help you save money.

What is fuel-efficiency?

At its most fundamental, fuel-efficiency refers to the ability of a vehicle to extract energy from fuel. The more energy a vehicle can extract from fuel, the greater fuel-efficiency the vehicle is said to have. Similarly, the less energy a vehicle extracts, the less fuel-efficient the vehicle is.

Simple, right?

Not everything can be listed as fuel-efficient, though. In other words, there are standards.

A vehicle is described as fuel-efficient if it is listed as having less than 6-liters per 100km (or less than 16.5km per liter). This standard prevents car manufacturers from listing their vehicles as “fuel-efficient” in cases when they quite palpably are not.

It means that a vehicle needs 6-liters of fuel, or less, to travel a distance of 100km. It depends on the type of engine, too. In general, diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than petrol engines. They use compression ignition, which extracts more energy than spark plugs.

Though these statistics appear dry, they have clear implications for drivers.

Why is fuel-efficiency important for drivers?

Because less fuel is required to cover a journey, fuel-efficient cars save more money for drivers in the long-term.

Even a 1-liter difference in fuel-efficiency pays dividends – often amounting to hundreds if not thousands of dollars (depending how much you drive, of course). So, the next time you enter a car dealership, be sure to ask your seller about the car’s fuel-efficiency.

It could make all the difference to your purchase.

Check back to our Las Vegas cash for cars blog for more entries that explain the technical facts about cars. As we learned today, these facts matter.

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