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2017 is right around the corner. What better way to start the new automotive year than by looking back at some of the most-read stories of 2016; some humorous, some with serious consequences, and even some downright unbelievable.

And what better way to start than by recalling one of the most shocking stories of 2016.

Test-drive turmoil

It’s a story that involved the Mercedes GLE50 SUV, or at least a test-drive of this now popular vehicle. A woman from Virginia, test-driving the car, smashed into four other Mercedes cars, before toppling her own SUV on its side – all in six seconds.

There were no serious injuries, only an entire parking lot of destruction. Test-drive accidents aren’t uncommon, either. A salesman was killed earlier this year in Ontario, for example, when a man test-driving a Corvette slammed it into a tree. The driver was later arrested.

Low-cost gas

Gas prices fluctuate, that much we know. But prices dipped to a record low in February 2016. In fact, the price dipped to a low not seen since December 2008 – that price being $1.77 per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

That was just the average cost, though. Tucson in Arizona recorded the lowest price, at $1.42 per gallon. The highest average cost of gas, during this period, was found in San Diego, where it oscillated around the $2.40 per gallon mark.

Resurgence of Volvo

Volvo made a tremendous impact in 2016. Its XC90 model, a groundbreaking new luxury crossover SUV, was awarded the Best Luxury SUV, the SUV of the Year (UK), while also winning numerous awards for safety and design.

In all, the Volvo XC90 won well over a dozen awards. This marks a renewed resurgence of a brand that failed to attract the same attention in years gone past. With the Volvo XC90, a new and exciting dawn now breaks.

Check back to our Las Vegas Cash for Cars blog for more of the top automotive news stories in 2016 – stories that captured our and your attention. If you can think of other exciting news stories, drop your suggestions into the comments section below.

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